Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Issue #9- July 5, 2011 Recall News

What This Is…
Issue #9- July 5, 2011
Upcoming events, weekend news, recall information and volunteer opportunities.

We Need You…
Needless to say, this is a very important period of time here in Wisconsin.  The upcoming Senate recall elections are vital to our struggle.  If we are able to enjoy some success it will allow us to build momentum for recalling Walker.  Success in the recalls will also send a strong message to elected officials in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S. that the people are actively and effectively opposed to the Republican corporate power grab. 

Once again quoting Robin Hobbs (a favorite author), "A burden shared not only can lighten it, it can form a bond between those who share it.  So that no one is left to bear it alone."  We face a difficult struggle, but we face it together.  Get out, get involved and connect with others.

The recall timeline…
The weekend before each election will feature Get Out the Vote canvassing, phone banking and other efforts to promote candidates who will work for citizens in Wisconsin.  Plan ahead to participate in the activity of your choice. 
                   July 12th- Primaries
                   July 19th- Hansen
                   August 9th- General Elections
                   August 16th- Holperin and Wirch

A great visual overview posted on Facebook.

What can I do?…
Phone Bank/Data Entry
 ("Communism is like one big phone company."  Lenny Bruce)  Opportunities to call voters and enter data are available daily at the Labor Temple.  MTI is planning on continuing Thursday nights from 3-9, but any day is great for phoning. 

Road Trip/Canvass
("These are the times that fry one's soles")
MTI is planning on recall canvassing trips on July 10, 17, 24 and 31st.  These trips will continue into August as well.
Once again there are other canvassing opportunities for those of you who are able to go at other times too.

("Substitute "damn" every time you're inclined to write "very"; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be."  ~Mark Twain)
 Use your literary skills to communicate with elected officials and media outlets.  The truth is out there and we need to share it with others.  Notice how the Republicans are trying to justify their actions in the media by holding up solitary examples of success while ignoring multiple failures.

Represent Wherever You Are
(Represent: verb. Go and be a good example to the others of your group or in your position. ~Urban Dictionary)
Example from Urban Dictionary:
            Dad: Your Mom wants you to square up this joint, yo.
            Kid: So you want me to clean my room?
            Dad: Dat would be da hizzy.
            Kid: O.K.
            Dad: Represent.

Many of us are traveling around the state or the country this summer.  While you are out and about don't hesitate to wear a pin, t-shirt, strike up a conversation, etc.  The more people hear our viewpoints the more they will understand why we are fighting this budget, legislation and administration.  Be friendly and share your ideas with people in other places.  Remember that we have been misrepresented in the media, and as funny as the "Thug" label is to us, in some places it is viewed as truth.  Spend part of your summer teaching adult classes in economics and civics.
Election News…
Another grab at control of our state by Republicans:

A neat site that shares information about campaign finance:

Helps answer some questions, share with people you know who need to get an ID card:

Very informative:

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