Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Issue #6- Update and Plea for Volunteers

What This Is…
Issue #6- June 28, 2011
Upcoming events and a plea for volunteers.

We Need You…
We are nearing the homestretch for the State Senate recall elections.  This weekend is a holiday weekend and the following weekend is the last one before the initial primary elections are held (real vs. fake Dems.).  The schedule for elections is as follows (I'll post more info on these later, but the main idea of this edition is to make everyone aware that these are key dates for volunteers):

 July 12th- Democratic Primaries
July 19th- Republican Primaries and Sen. Hansen's
August 9th- General Elections for the 6 Repubs. vs. the
                             Dem. challengers
August 16th- Last Two Senate Recall Elections featuring
                             the other two Democrats

There will be a big Get Out the Vote push on the weekends before each election.  Volunteer efforts will be vital on these weekends as the GOP will be running lots of ads and pushing their candidates.  Many voters wait until the last minute to decide and it is this group that will make the difference in the final results. 

As you can see, things are coming up quickly.  Our strength lies in our volunteers and getting the voters informed and out to the polls.  There is simply no way we can compete on a financial basis with the power behind the Republican Party (unless I misread my latest salary schedule in a major way).  We need every person to do whatever they can to contribute to our efforts so that we can begin to reclaim WI. 

Remember, we don't have control of any of the branches of our state government.  The media is more interested in making a buck and is scattered in it's coverage of events.  It's our actions that bring about change.  If you doubt that, just remember the effect our numbers and voices had regarding the elementary planning time issue.  Also think about the fact that MTI members and other canvassers covered around 800 doors in Baraboo on Sunday.     


So clear your calendars, free up some time and look for ways that you can help out.  If you've already done some canvassing, phoning, data entry, etc. then bring a friend with you the next time you go.  They'll feel more comfortable and will see just how easy and rewarding it can be.
Upcoming Events…
Governor Walker is reportedly speaking at the opening of the Fitchburg Library on Lacy Road at 9 AM Wednesday, June 29th.  If you are available at that time he would love to hear your thoughts and see signs and buttons.
Thursday, June 30 meet at the CAUS Office (4800 Ivywood Trail, McFarland) to write postcards supporting Fred Clark.  People will be working from 11 AM until 5 PM.  RSVP to Barb Simpson simpsonb@weac.org

Also:  Opportunities to phone bank and do data entry at the Labor Temple Monday-Friday 3-9 PM.  MTI's night is Thursday.  There is more need for phone banking and less for data entry as of now.  We had lots of volunteers early in the day on Thursday and fewer at the end of the day.  Even with some confusion We Are Wisconsin reported that last Thursday was their largest effort by far.

Recall Road Trip on Saturday leaving at 9:30 from the Labor Temple.

Major effort to get MTI members for a recall canvassing trip on Sunday July 10th.

As always, feel free to contact elected officials and express your opinions.

Financial donations to the candidates or to organizations like We Are Wisconsin are another way to help.

Join MTI facebook to keep up to date on information as well.

Look for more email information from Eve at MTI and be ready to get a phone call from a fellow MTI member asking for your commitment to an activity. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Issue #5- Upcoming Events/Weekend Summary

What This Is…
Issue #5- June 26, 2011
Upcoming events for the week of 6/27 and a weekend summary.

Upcoming Events…
Spent the day in Baraboo canvassing for Fred Clark with around 20 other MTI members.  Lots of inspiration and positive feedback from citizens there.  Canvassers knocked on 800+ doors in Baraboo today!!  It definitely was easier for me to go in a group instead of alone.  I'm sure many of you feel the same way. 
That being said, let's all make an effort this week to try and participate in at least one of the many recall efforts this week.  If each of us were to do one thing (and bring a friend along) just think of the impact we would have.  Take an hour or two out of your summer and work towards returning sanity to Wisconsin. 
Kati Walsh, a fellow MTI member shared this opportunity to get involved:
Tuesday, June 28 and Thursday, June 30 meet at the CAUS Office (4800 Ivywood Trail, McFarland) to write postcards supporting Fred Clark.  People will be working from 11 AM until 5 PM.  RSVP to Barb Simpson simpsonb@weac.org

Also:  Opportunities to phone bank and do data entry at the Labor Temple Monday-Friday 3-9 PM.  MTI's night is Thursday.

As always, feel free to contact elected officials and express your opinions.

The Madison School Board is meeting at 6 PM on Monday night for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

More information on activities will follow Tuesday's MTI Crisis Committee meeting.

Weekend Update…
First swearing at another Justice and now these allegations.  Truly troubling.

One of the people I talked to in Baraboo was there and said it was an awesome experience.  Note the difference in coverage between the two news sources.  Which one do you trust?

Of course Walker signed the budget too, but no real news posted on that yet.  I'll be interested (and frightened) to see how he uses his veto powers.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Issue #4- June 25, 2011 News of the Week

What This Is…
Issue #4- June 25, 2011
News from the week of June 20th.  Articles I found interesting with a few comments. 

Education News…
Voucher Debate Continues
Supporters of expanding voucher programs use lower costs and higher returns as their defense of the plans.  However, these arguments don't add up.  Voucher programs will end up costing taxpayers more in the long run and leave public schools struggling to meet the needs of students.

This article refutes most voucher supporter claims very well.

Rhetoric from the budget. "Expand Educational Options. The budget expands the Milwaukee private school choice and independent charter school programs in support of improved educational outcomes for all Wisconsin students. The cap on the number of participants in the Milwaukee private school choice program is repealed and the income eligibility limits phased out to allow greater participation in this important program. Independent charter school authority is expanded throughout the state, with any University of Wisconsin System four-year campus authorized to create a charter school. All public schools (including virtual charter schools) are also enhanced by removing the student participation limit and expanding the open enrollment application period."

This same budget allows for the state to , " Replace the mandate that charter school teachers be licensed by the Department of Public Instruction with the requirement that they have at least a bachelor's degree."  Of course non-licensed teachers will obviously do a better job.

Statewide Actions to Defend Education

Interesting and sad how our current political climate eliminates reasoned debate and provides rhetoric instead.  Many of the cost "savings" proposed in the recently passed budget may end up costing us more in the long run.  Combined with the lack of input from anyone who may disagree with the governor it leads to only one option for political change, recalls.




The Republicans realize the only real threat to their domination of Wisconsin politics are the recall elections.  With domination of all three branches of government they can pretty much pass any measures that they wish to without recourse for the minority viewpoints.  The push is on to try and consolidate their power.  I tend to agree that recalling elected officials simply for voting on policy is not a practice we want to become a regular part of our political landscape.  However, in this case the gross misconduct and blatant ignoring of public opinion merits recalls of Republican Senators and Gov. Walker.


Along with voter id these efforts are clearly designed to cement the power grab.

One reason the Republicans want to keep legislative control.

Remember, the governor admitted that the union busting parts of his legislation don't save money.  Quoting from the budget itself, "As a result of the increase in school district employee contributions toward their pension and health insurance benefits, estimated to save nearly $1 billion over the biennium, local schools will have the tools to manage these cuts without having to compromise services or affect staffing."  Notice, no mention of collective bargaining, just concessions from public employees.

Other News Items…


It saddens me that the only consensus between political parties centers on beer.  While it is a vital issue, it doesn't seem to be as important as education and health care. 

Conceal Carry- I spent some time looking up statistics and it is very difficult to find unbiased sites on guns.  I looked on the United States Dept. of Justice site and found a few stats that were shocking. 

For example, in 1993 African-Americans made up 54% of victims of firearm violence and only 12% of the population.  

In 1997 40% of Americans reported having a gun in their home.

Most gun violence involves young adults with 15-24 year olds being the most likely targets.  17 year olds made up 75% of homicides involving guns.

Most striking were the connections between gun violence and poverty.  Maybe, we need to address the conditions people live in and not arm everyone?

High Speed Rail- Was talking to a neighbor who travels regularly to China and loves the convenience, comfort and efficiency of the rail system there.  Someday we will regret not developing our mass transit systems better.  If we could go back in time I'm sure that Gov. Walker would have opposed the creation of the Interstate Highway system too. 

Same Sex Marriage- Republicans and Democrats working together with a governor who worked to unite diverse opinions and achieve a positive result after healthy debate. This is what democracy looks like.  Listening to Gov. Cuomo talk about the virtues of New York makes me miss my old Wisconsin.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Issue #3- June 24, 2011

What This Is…
Issue #3- June 24, 2011
Upcoming Events and other thoughts.

Why We Fight…
"Don't do what you can't undo until you've considered what you can't do once you've done it." This is a quote from one of my favorite fantasy authors, Robin Hobb, in her Farseer Trilogy.  It seems to me that the current administration and legislative majority is so intent on pushing their agenda ahead that they haven't given most citizens a chance to think about the consequences of the actions that are being taken.  Several Democratic Senators spoke eloquently about the fact that, while the current legislation can be changed and repealed, the fact remains that there is no way to ever undo the damage that will be caused for citizens impacted now.  Students will lose educational opportunities, people's health will suffer, small businesses will be eliminated and the environment will be impacted in ways that will affect future generations.

What does that mean for those of us who are fighting to stop, or at least slow down this massive effort to change Wisconsin?  Many of us have heard someone say (or even said this ourselves), "What good will it do to ___, it's just going to happen anyway?"  We can't ever forget that without the actions of mid-February all of our outrage over the budget, budget repair bill, voter id, etc. wouldn't be relevant.  Even though we have "lost" and these have all been passed, attention has been drawn to them and we have the hope of recalls and future actions.  I spent part of last Thursday watching the Senate "debate" on the budget with several kids ages 11-15.  They were interested, informed and offered insightful opinions while watching.  That is inspiration in itself, I know that at the age of 15 I never would have been as engaged in politics as they were/are.

Another side-effect of all this has been an awakening of skills, passions and interests in all of us.  I readily admit that until this February I was a pretty uninspired union member.  True, I did have the faded memories of walking the picket lines in 1976 with my dad, but my own personal contributions to the cause were pretty much just my dues.  I also was a pretty quiet person who was rarely heard from during meetings.  Fast forward to today and I certainly feel the need to speak out and represent my views to others.  I find myself standing on the street with signs, canvassing for candidates and connecting with colleagues around the district.  I'm sure that we all can think of examples of this growth in ourselves and in others we know. 

With all of these positive things coming out of such a negative situation it becomes easier to have hope for the future.  However, we can't just hold on to future hopes, we must also seize the present opportunities to stand up for our rights and the rights of others.  If we don't do this now, it will be more difficult in the future and many will have suffered under the current regime.  That being said, I'm encouraging as many of you as possible to use your skills and strengths to fight the efforts of Walker and the majority party legislators.  Each of us has many things to offer to the fight and all our contributions together are our greatest asset.  Look at the following opportunities and see what you can participate in.

How We Fight…
Sunday, June 26 – MTI group canvassing in Baraboo. We need you!
                        10:30 AM to no later than 6:00PM

Thursdays- MTI night to phone bank at the Labor Temple.  There are opportunities for                             data entry as well.  Volunteers are needed any day of the week.

Write/Call Legislators-Governor- Communicating with our elected representatives is
                        important (whether they want to hear from us or not).

Use "A Union Member Just Supported Your Business" cards when shopping-
                        One way to show our purchasing power and just what businesses will
                        lose as we share the sacrifice with the private sector.

Board Meeting Monday @6-  The School Board takes on next year's budget.  Feel free to
                        drop in wearing your MTI shirt.  The Board and administration are noticing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Issue #2- June 21, 2011

What This Is…
Issue #2- June 21, 2011
Included are the updates from yesterday's Board of Education meeting and the meeting of the MTI Crisis Committee held today.

Passing on information from today's Crisis Committee meeting.  This is exactly what Eve sent out to MTI members today, sums it all up perfectly.
MTI Crisis Committee met this morning to discuss and further plan MTI’s recall efforts. Many MTI members are already making individual efforts in conjunction with various groups. The Crisis Committee has decided to expand individual participation into MTI group volunteer events, and we need your help to get this off the ground! We are coordinating with the State AFL-CIO “We Are Wisconsin” group in upcoming recall events. Kevin Gundlach (kgundlach.union@gmail.com) will be our contact person.

Tomorrow, June 22, we will begin making phone calls to mobilize our fellow MTI members, per the above. Help us! Please come to MTI with your cell phone between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. (Note, you will likely need to park on a side street, as Williamson Street is under construction.) We will be calling MTI members to solicit volunteers for the following events:

n      Thursday, June 23 – inaugural MTI group phone banking and data entry event, at the Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park Street. This will be a weekly MTI group event, and we’re looking for 20-30 volunteers every Thursday for the next 6 weeks. Hours are 3:00-9:00 p.m. Shifts are 2 hours. We will be phone banking (calling) fellow MTI members. Food and drink are provided.

n      Sunday, June 26 – MTI group canvassing in Baraboo and/or Portage. We need you!  The schedule will be:

§         10:30 a.m. Meet at Labor Temple (free parking) for coffee & donuts and canvassing instructions
§         11:00 a.m. Depart for Baraboo/Portage via car pools (we’ll also have a bus available if we have over 40 volunteers)
§         12:00 noon Arrive at canvassing site; meet up with local public school employees/other local activists; short re-briefing on canvassing/distribution of neighborhood maps
§         12:30-2:30 p.m. Canvassing in groups or pairs
§         2:30-3:00 p.m. Everyone re-gathers at canvassing site for Solidarity follow-up to debrief; picnic or dinner (at a pro-worker local restaurant) to follow
§         4:30-5:00 p.m. Return to Madison, arriving no later than 6:00 p.m.

June 26 is our inaugural MTI group recall event. Plans are underway for more canvassing, possibly in other Wisconsin Senate districts.

IMPORTANT: -- Help get the word out about phone banking this Thursday, June 23, and every Thursday thereafter at the Labor Temple.

n      -- RSVP to MTI if you are able to commit to phone banking, and/or recruit other volunteers for this Thursday, June 23. Call or email MTI: 608.257.0491 or www.madisonteachers.org. Provide the names of all volunteers, so that I can reserve phones and computers for MTI group use. Please also get volunteers’ phone numbers and email addresses, so we can continue to build our MTI data base. Come to MTI tomorrow afternoon, from 2:00-6:00 p.m., if you want to make calls in a group setting. Bring your cell phone.

n      -- RSVP to MTI if you are able to commit to phone banking on Thursday, June 23, and /or canvassing on Sunday, June 26 (see above schedule). Call or email MTI, no later than 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, June 22, for these 2 events.

n      -- Last, but not least: Everyone is welcome to phone bank and canvass; get commitments from your family, friends, and other pro-labor/pro-public education acquaintances who wish to help in the recall effort. Also, we advise that all volunteers wear neutral clothing—Wisconsin Badgers or Green Bay Packers go over well in any community. Our purpose is to assist in getting the vote out in communities and districts not our own.

THE DEADLINE TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS WEEK’S EVENTS (JUNE 23 AND JUNE 26) IS TOMORROW, JUNE 22, 6:00 PM, so that I (Eve) can coordinate our efforts (doughnuts, bus, phones, computers, etc.) with Kevin at “We Are Wisconsin.”

The Board met yesterday and discussed the preliminary budget and several amendments to the budget for next year (2011-12).  I tried to follow as best I could, but we didn't get supporting paperwork until after the meeting was under way.  According to Supt. Nerad the budget is balanced and reflects a 4.98% reduction.  It includes the 4K program and is based off the recently passed 2011-13 WI budget.  Several new departments and programs were included in the amendments, including a Director of African-American Achievement, a Family Engagement Coordinator, keeping OTA's and several other programs.  Final discussion and approval of the budget will occur next week. 

Once interesting fact that jumped out at me was the statement that there is $600,000 in unused Title I money available each year.  I believe that this is accurate, I don't know the reason for the extra money.  It just struck me as interesting that we had over a half a million dollars we didn't use. 
Wednesday, June 22 5:00 p.m.
Special Board of Education Meeting in Closed Session
3. Confer with legal counsel for the District who will be rendering oral or written advise concerning the strategy to be adopted by the District with regard to currently pending litigation brought against the District by the Wisconsin State Journal, et al. pursuant to Wis. Stat § 19.85(1)(g)
Special Board of Education Meeting Continued in Open Session
5. Public Appearances
6. Student Code of Conduct
7. Adjournment

Why We Fight…
Parts of a couple of interesting articles recently posted online…

The first one is a little long, but full of great facts, couldn't think of much to cut or summarize.

     Private voucher schools are failing Milwaukee children with disabilities. When these voucher schools ignore their obligations to educate and accommodate children with disabilities, they force Milwaukee Public Schools to pick up the slack - while giving MPS fewer resources to do so. Voucher schools' large-scale exclusion of children with disabilities has led to a segregated environment with a disproportionate share of children with disabilities attending MPS.
     Indeed, if the state Legislature and governor have their way and expand the voucher program, the separation and exclusion of children with disabilities will only get worse.
     That is why civil rights groups have filed the first systemic disability discrimination claim against a voucher program, at a time when well-financed pro-voucher lobbies are pumping money into voucher expansion efforts across the nation.
     Separate is not equal, but separate is exactly what is occurring in Milwaukee: Voucher schools educate about 20% of Milwaukee students, but a mere 1.6% of voucher students receive services due to disabilities. That compares to the more than 19.2% of MPS students who receive special education services. If the voucher program expands, it will take more non-disabled children and the segregation of children with disabilities in MPS will inevitably increase.
Voucher supporters claim that they really serve a greater number of children with learning disabilities, but they have no proven data to support their arguments. Besides, their own numbers say they are only serving half as many children with disabilities as MPS.
    Voucher supporters also talk only about serving children with learning disabilities. Meanwhile, MPS serves children with a wide range of disabilities - such as deafness, autism, cognitive delays and mental illness, as well as profoundly disabled children whose expenses the district also must absorb.
    The vouchers were sold as a better alternative for all of Milwaukee's families. But the truth is that even though they do not serve students with disabilities, voucher schools are failing Milwaukee children. Testing data released this year shows that overall MPS performs better than voucher schools.
    Realizing they are losing the argument on quality, voucher supporters now try to emphasize that they educate cheaply. But the voucher schools do not just get state and local tax dollars. In fact, one of the reasons we are asking for an investigation is that the voucher schools receive millions of dollars a year in federal money and services. The receipt of federal money obligates the private schools to comply with federal anti-discrimination laws.
     This failure of voucher schools to serve children with disabilities has led to the segregation of children with disabilities within MPS, while reducing resources the public school system needs to educate all students. That's a separate - and unequal - system that cannot continue, let alone expand, in its current discriminatory form.
Courtney Bowie is senior staff attorney of the American Civil Liberties Union Racial Justice Program; Karyn Rotker is senior staff attorney, American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin; and Jeffrey Spitzer-Resnick is managing attorney, Disability Rights Wisconsin.

Green Bay teachers upset by change calling for more work hours, less planning time

3:04 PM, Jun. 21, 2011
More than 100 Green Bay teachers dressed in red packed the School Board meeting room on Monday to say they feel betrayed by a recent school district directive that would require them to work longer hours and lose planning time.
The Green Bay School District recently sent a memo to teachers indicating they would be required to work an extra half-hour a day and would lose planning time to make room for staff and other meetings.
Sound familiar?  Our fight for elementary planning time hasn't ended yet either.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Issue #1- June 19, 2011

What This Is…
This is an attempt on my part to simplify my communication with friends and colleagues about the current political issues in Wisconsin and actions that are happening in opposition to the actions of the Republican majority here.  There are lots of things happening in our great state and it is challenging to try and keep up with all the issues and responses.  My goal is to try and provide the same information that I've been sending out in emails, just a little easier to sift through. 

This isn't the ultimate authority in what is happening around WI.  I'm sure that for every event or issue I address there are countless more happening.  It's simply a different way for me to share the information and ideas that I've already been sending out by email.  Hopefully, it will be more accessible and user friendly, but if not…I can always try something else or return to the tried and true email list.

I hope that this site will provide people with some support, information and connections to the wider protest movement.  As we go through our fourth month of responding to the attacks on the working class the pressure and stress takes a toll.  We also lose our connections with fellow educators as we disperse during the summer.  Keeping our spirits up and our energy focused is vital as we draw ever closer to the recall elections.

Information that will appear here at different times:
            News items (that may or may not have been addressed in the mainstream
            Opinions about current events/policies
            Connections to other sites that provide opportunities for action
            Information about local educational issues (Board of Education meetings,
                        and other similar info) and MTI news
            Pictures and other media from events that we are participating in
            Suggestions for actions, feel free to respond to these with improvements
                        and additional suggestions

Once again this isn't supposed to replace these other sources, just provide a unified place for you to get information.  It is also a place where I will share ideas for other action that come from many sources. 

Why We Fight…
While in some ways this is not a necessary issue to address (if you are reading this you already have been involved in the fight against the current majorities agenda), it never hurts to remind ourselves what is going on.  This past week was one for the history books.  The Supreme Court's decision combined with the extraordinarily quick legislative action on the budget leaves all of us reeling.  It is my hope to address different parts of the governor's budget in future postings.  That is something missing from mainstream media.  There hasn't been a lot of detailed explanation of what exactly this budget does.  They've given us more of a general focus on broad numbers and reporting what the legislators and governor want us to hear.  I'll wait to give more information about the details of the budget until I get a chance to read it. 

How We Fight…
The recall elections are just a few weeks away and time is precious as we prepare to try and win control of the Senate.  There are many different ways to be involved…

The most pressing and important volunteer opportunities are in the recall efforts.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party has opportunities for phone banking, data entry, door to door canvassing, etc.  Their website is www.wisdems.org/takingbackwisconsin
The phone banks are set up at the Democratic headquarters at 110 King St, Ste 203

We are Wisconsin is also offering similar opportunities and are at the Labor Temple 1602 S. Park St.  Their website is www.wearewisconsin.org
Recall volunteers! 608.206.9452 kgundlach.union@gmail.com, stop by 1602 S Park, Madison
There are other ideas floating around as well.  These are ones that have been brainstormed and don't have specific actions as of today, but with some help could get off the ground.
-Travel to a district where recalls are taking place as a group and support the educators there in a rally.  Take the square to _____! 
-"Adopt" a few people and help them get registered to vote and to get proper documentation based on the new voter id requirements.
-Informational picketing in front of schools.  Keep the message that the fight continues.
-Find local (union friendly) businesses to support in a visible manner. 
In all cases these actions would be more powerful (and fun) if done with a larger group.
Upcoming Issues and Events…
We can't forget that we are also engaged in local actions to support our own working conditions along with the families and students we serve.  Our attention is currently focused on the issues surrounding the upcoming MMSD budget and elementary planning time.  There are two School Board meetings being held this week.  I'm suggesting that MTI members arrive at the Doyle building around 4:30 on Monday to meet and talk (wear your red shirts).  The meeting on Wednesday is closed for part of the time, but the Board will be addressing the issues of releasing documents associated with our protesting in February.  Encourage your fellow educators and supportive families from your school to attend.  The Board will also meet next Monday to address the budget. 
Here are the agendas for this week's meetings:
Notice of Madison Metropolitan School District Meetings
Monday, June 20 5:00 p.m.
Special Board of Education Meeting
1. Public Hearing regarding the Proposed Preliminary 2011-12 Budget
2. Resolution Authorizing the Transfer of Funds, the establishment of an Irrevocable Escrow Account with respect to and the prepayment of Certain Interest of the Taxable General Obligation Refunding Bonds, dated March 25, 2010 and the Defeasance of the Qualified Zone Academy Taxable General Obligation Promissory Notes, dated April 15, 2002 and the Defeasance of the Qualified Zone Academy Taxable General Obligation Promissory Notes, dated December 28, 2004
3. Final Approval of Proposed 2011-12 Preliminary Budget
4. Adjournment
Doyle Administration Bldg.   545 W. Dayton Street  McDaniels Auditorium
Wednesday, June 22 5:00 p.m.
Special Board of Education Meeting in Closed Session
1. Deliberations regarding the sale price of a District-owned property pursuant to Wis. Stat § 19.85(1)(e)
2. Discussion regarding potential lease terms, including fair market value, of potential school property pursuant to Wis. Stat § 19.85(1)(e)
3. Confer with legal counsel for the District who will be rendering oral or written advise concerning the strategy to be adopted by the District with regard to currently pending litigation brought against the District by the Wisconsin State Journal, et al. pursuant to Wis. Stat § 19.85(1)(g)
4. Evaluation of the Superintendent pursuant to Wis. Stat §19.85(1)(c)
Special Board of Education Meeting Continued in Open Session
5. Public Appearances
6. Student Code of Conduct
7. Adjournment