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Issue #10- July 8, 2011 Elections and Questions

What This Is…
Issue #10- July 8, 2011
Upcoming events and lots of questions

Don't Forget To Vote…
So much attention has been put on the recall elections and it's important to remember that there is a primary election for the 48th Assembly District on Tuesday (7/12).  The election for this seat will be held on August 9th.  There are several great candidates running (all Democrats) so do your research and remember to vote. 

Election History…
We are less than one week away from the initial elections of the recall cycle.  Next Tuesday (July 12th) primaries will be held in 7 districts.  Just a few facts about recalls in history:

          *Only 18 states allow for recall of state legislators
          *Wisconsin added recalls in 1926
          *Only 2 WI legislators have ever been removed from 
          *Only 14 legislators nationwide have ever been recalled

Remember that the Republicans hold a slim majority in the Senate.  If Democrats are able to gain 3 seats it will reverse the majority and create a roadblock for Gov. Walker's extreme agenda.  Needless to say it is vital that Democratic candidates make strong showings in these elections. 

Upcoming Events…
Stay involved and engaged as we get closer to the election days.  Check previous postings for information on how to volunteer. 
Phone Bank               Data Entry                 Canvass

Instead of posting more links to information this week I thought I'd put a list of questions I'd like to ask of conservative politicians and their supporters.  To be honest, I've heard very little in terms of concrete, fact based support for the conservative agenda currently being touted.  Most of what I've heard from that side of the aisle is based on emotion (fear/anger) or a very small set of data.  So, if you have conservative friends (that you can talk to), or get a chance to have a conversation with someone, see how they answer a few of these questions.  These are also good questions to get the independent voter thinking about how to cast their ballot.  

Remember to keep your conversation friendly.  Issues raised by these questions are of significant importance, but we also need to remember that the health of our nation relies on informed discussion and debate.  This is something that is definitely missing from our current political landscape.

*How can the Walker Budget be good for education when over 400 school districts in Wisconsin are being forced to cut staff and/or programs?  Note: Don't accept just one or two districts as examples.

*Where is the proof that tax breaks for corporations and the very wealthy creates jobs?  Don't we have several decades of evidence that refutes that claim?  Don't they simply help create stronger divisions between social classes?  Note:  One of the architects of Reaganomics recently said that in these current economic times he would advocate for tax increases, not cuts.

*If your party is all about cutting costs, why double the cost of the recall elections by running fake Democrats?  Where is the ethics in that?

*For a party that speaks out on values and character so much, why are their so many legal/ethical issues involving your candidates and their campaigns?  Why has it been necessary to cut so many corners and violate so many of our laws, values and traditions to pass the budget and other bills?

*In a representative democracy shouldn't all people be represented?  Why is it that things like extending unemployment benefits are held hostage to other political issues when there are many who rely on them to stay afloat?  Why is it so easy to follow the money and see who gets rewarded in the Walker Budget?  Should I really get more of a say in our political process if I'm wealthy and well connected? 

*Why are we making it harder for people to vote when that right is at the core of our political system?  There is ample evidence that the voter ID bill will disenfranchise people in certain demographics.

*How am I any safer if people can legally carry guns in public places?

*Can we really trust industry to protect our food, water, air, etc. if regulations are removed?

*Do we really want to stifle efforts in alternative energy research and other similar areas?  Isn't that how sustainable job growth can be created (not to mention protecting the environment)?

*Who decided that Conservative Christian Values were the equivalent of American Values?  How does something like gay marriage threaten our country's existence?  Once again, are we ruled by a small number of vocal people or by the views/values of the majority of Americans?

You can really throw a wrench into their thinking if you don't let them quote Fox News or a conservative talk show host.  Make them use facts from other sources and see what they have. 

If you run into a conservative who can answer any of these with facts and multiple examples, congratulations you will be one up on me.      

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