Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Issue #6- Update and Plea for Volunteers

What This Is…
Issue #6- June 28, 2011
Upcoming events and a plea for volunteers.

We Need You…
We are nearing the homestretch for the State Senate recall elections.  This weekend is a holiday weekend and the following weekend is the last one before the initial primary elections are held (real vs. fake Dems.).  The schedule for elections is as follows (I'll post more info on these later, but the main idea of this edition is to make everyone aware that these are key dates for volunteers):

 July 12th- Democratic Primaries
July 19th- Republican Primaries and Sen. Hansen's
August 9th- General Elections for the 6 Repubs. vs. the
                             Dem. challengers
August 16th- Last Two Senate Recall Elections featuring
                             the other two Democrats

There will be a big Get Out the Vote push on the weekends before each election.  Volunteer efforts will be vital on these weekends as the GOP will be running lots of ads and pushing their candidates.  Many voters wait until the last minute to decide and it is this group that will make the difference in the final results. 

As you can see, things are coming up quickly.  Our strength lies in our volunteers and getting the voters informed and out to the polls.  There is simply no way we can compete on a financial basis with the power behind the Republican Party (unless I misread my latest salary schedule in a major way).  We need every person to do whatever they can to contribute to our efforts so that we can begin to reclaim WI. 

Remember, we don't have control of any of the branches of our state government.  The media is more interested in making a buck and is scattered in it's coverage of events.  It's our actions that bring about change.  If you doubt that, just remember the effect our numbers and voices had regarding the elementary planning time issue.  Also think about the fact that MTI members and other canvassers covered around 800 doors in Baraboo on Sunday.     


So clear your calendars, free up some time and look for ways that you can help out.  If you've already done some canvassing, phoning, data entry, etc. then bring a friend with you the next time you go.  They'll feel more comfortable and will see just how easy and rewarding it can be.
Upcoming Events…
Governor Walker is reportedly speaking at the opening of the Fitchburg Library on Lacy Road at 9 AM Wednesday, June 29th.  If you are available at that time he would love to hear your thoughts and see signs and buttons.
Thursday, June 30 meet at the CAUS Office (4800 Ivywood Trail, McFarland) to write postcards supporting Fred Clark.  People will be working from 11 AM until 5 PM.  RSVP to Barb Simpson simpsonb@weac.org

Also:  Opportunities to phone bank and do data entry at the Labor Temple Monday-Friday 3-9 PM.  MTI's night is Thursday.  There is more need for phone banking and less for data entry as of now.  We had lots of volunteers early in the day on Thursday and fewer at the end of the day.  Even with some confusion We Are Wisconsin reported that last Thursday was their largest effort by far.

Recall Road Trip on Saturday leaving at 9:30 from the Labor Temple.

Major effort to get MTI members for a recall canvassing trip on Sunday July 10th.

As always, feel free to contact elected officials and express your opinions.

Financial donations to the candidates or to organizations like We Are Wisconsin are another way to help.

Join MTI facebook to keep up to date on information as well.

Look for more email information from Eve at MTI and be ready to get a phone call from a fellow MTI member asking for your commitment to an activity. 

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