Sunday, June 26, 2011

Issue #5- Upcoming Events/Weekend Summary

What This Is…
Issue #5- June 26, 2011
Upcoming events for the week of 6/27 and a weekend summary.

Upcoming Events…
Spent the day in Baraboo canvassing for Fred Clark with around 20 other MTI members.  Lots of inspiration and positive feedback from citizens there.  Canvassers knocked on 800+ doors in Baraboo today!!  It definitely was easier for me to go in a group instead of alone.  I'm sure many of you feel the same way. 
That being said, let's all make an effort this week to try and participate in at least one of the many recall efforts this week.  If each of us were to do one thing (and bring a friend along) just think of the impact we would have.  Take an hour or two out of your summer and work towards returning sanity to Wisconsin. 
Kati Walsh, a fellow MTI member shared this opportunity to get involved:
Tuesday, June 28 and Thursday, June 30 meet at the CAUS Office (4800 Ivywood Trail, McFarland) to write postcards supporting Fred Clark.  People will be working from 11 AM until 5 PM.  RSVP to Barb Simpson

Also:  Opportunities to phone bank and do data entry at the Labor Temple Monday-Friday 3-9 PM.  MTI's night is Thursday.

As always, feel free to contact elected officials and express your opinions.

The Madison School Board is meeting at 6 PM on Monday night for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

More information on activities will follow Tuesday's MTI Crisis Committee meeting.

Weekend Update…
First swearing at another Justice and now these allegations.  Truly troubling.

One of the people I talked to in Baraboo was there and said it was an awesome experience.  Note the difference in coverage between the two news sources.  Which one do you trust?

Of course Walker signed the budget too, but no real news posted on that yet.  I'll be interested (and frightened) to see how he uses his veto powers.

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