Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Issue #16- August 2, 2011, Volunteer Opportunities and More

What This Is…
Issue #16- August 2, 2011, One Week to Recalls!!

Upcoming Events and Opportunities…
We are one week away from the recall elections that could put the Senate in the hands of the Democrats.  There are many opportunities to get involved in the recall efforts.  If you haven't volunteered yet, now is the time.  If you have been volunteering, now is the time to continue your work.  We need to inform people about where to vote, when to vote and of course why they should vote for a Democrat.  As always there are opportunities during the week to make phone calls, write post cards and prepare canvassing materials.  The times for Get Out the Vote volunteer opportunities are as follows:
Because recalling shouldn't be all work and no play, We Are Wisconsin is hosting a party on Friday, August 5th.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party also has opportunities to volunteer.  They are located at 1314 N. Stoughton Rd in the Teamster's Union offices.  Opportunities are:
            August 5- 6-9 PM
            August 6 and 7- 12-3
            August 8- 5-8 PM

There are also opportunities to do exit polling in Hopper's, Olsen's and Darling's districts on election day.
             *To Volunteer, please contact: marymagnuson@ElectionDefen​seAlliance.org

Why We Need to Call/Canvass…
In an ideal world…citizens would be informed of the issues…political ads would be honest…voting procedures would consistent and easily understood. 

In the real world…well, you know how it is.  Here's an example of what has been happening in some districts.  This story is being replicated across Wisconsin. 


There have been other examples of potential voter suppression and we need to stay vigilant in order to make sure all voices are heard.  

People need to know where to vote because not all polling places will be the same as in a regular election.  Citizens are also confused about what identification they need because of the Voter ID Law recently passed.  

"Fair and Biased" or
Be An Informed Information Consumer…

Along with the allegations of voter suppression comes the news that Americans for Prosperity is purchasing $90,000 in advertising for Simac (running against Jim Holperin).  This is on top of the money they've already spent and I'm sure it isn't their last big advertising purchase.  This isn't a complaint about their spending of money on campaigns, it is their right under current election rules to spend money how they choose (just like it's the right of Wisconsin citizens to recall senators they feel are violating the public trust).  It is a warning to all Wisconsin residents that the blitz is coming.  Over the next couple of weeks we will be swamped with advertising, phone calls and press releases full of "information" that will be used to sway voters. 

I, like all people, take in information and use it based on my preexisting ideas and beliefs.  My opinions are biased and the information I present will represent my bias.  I respect that there are people who believe very differently from me.  An event, comment, piece of legislation, etc. will be seen in multiple ways depending on the recipient's perspective

One of my biggest concerns about our current political situation is that we are not listening to other opinions respectfully.  Instead of hearing each other we immediately resort to name calling and refuse to consider a different opinion.  This isn't new or unique to current events, but certainly stands in the way of any reasonable solutions to problems. 

As the election draws closer the pressure intensifies.  This brings out the worst on both sides, so be prepared to be angry at the mudslinging.  Because of the importance of this election and the level of interest it is attracting the rhetoric will be even thicker than usual.  All the more reason to be a careful consumer of information.  Find sources that you trust and take all news with a grain of salt. 

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